For a place to stay
with oppression at bay
For freedom to say
and the power to pay
For the opportunity of the day
and the weather not so gay
For the progress that may
and the success on the way
For the bricks of the new life I lay
and the high taxes I pay
"Thank you Canada" I'll forever say
Jude Idada

So I was walking back from the bank, and I saw this, in the middle of eaton centre, just there like a smuggled cargo everyone's afraid to touch for fear it might contain poisonous snakes. And 3 out of every 5 people that passed by the box, well looked inside, and am thinking to myself. Maybe I will buy a volvo C30:)

Windows Vista was released into the market "officially" *we worked with VISTA sometime last year, I know I love my geeky friends too* And well, they built this little ICE HOUSE thing in the middle of Dundas Square, and served free coffee and hot chocolate. The ice house had a bathroom, you could seat on it and thing, I like the idea so much, I must go to the Ice Hotel next year with my lover....

So I came out the wrong subway exit trying to head to Festive Hall to get my "SLIME THAT MEN DO" book signed, I was late, about a day late! And well, I thought I'd walk back home out of who knows, and I looked up and saw the CN tower, it only felt right that I take the picture so I did, I think we'll call this.......bootleg CN


lerieluvlie said...

oh kemz, u wer a day late, just my kinda girl! i love that sky by the way, an impressionable picture u got here.

Funmi said...

hey girl! i missed church yesterday o (lord help me) hope u had a wonderful val's day and you didn't make too many of them cocktails. can i just rewind to early 2003 for a sec (sweet memories)