Love, Sex and vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes!

I hate valentine's day, there's nothing special about it, actually there is, its the feast day of Valentine of Genoa I believe. I found this out when I was 9ish/10ish, all I knew about valentine's day was that we were supposed to tell our friends that we liked them and exchange "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY" cards. *all girls catholic school.......*
Anyhow, I remember the 13th of February that year *when I was 9/10* Sister Emmanuella barged into our class during night prep, called a couple of names, went to the next class, same thing, I noticed feet shuffling back into the hostel after lights out. With all the names that was called I tried to figure out what the "crime" was, it just didn't make sense. The next day during assembly, they were called up again *same kids from the night before* and they told us why Valentine became a Saint.
Sometime in the roman empire, to boost morale or whatever, the king was banning his soldiers from getting married and St Valentine's was doing it on the D.L. He was caught and warned but he didn't stop so well justice was done and he was brutally murdered, his bones were exhumed years later and he was beatified and February 14 became his feast day. He believed in love and thing. I hear that in 1969 the Catholic Encyclopedia of saints removed the feast day of Saint Valentine's because there was problems with confirming his bones in the catacombs.

Now why do I hate Valentine's day other than the fact that we've all forgotten St Valentine's who gave his life for love? Hallmark and the big corporations had a meeting and decided to use that which is dear to us to get back at us. Love, many of us believe in this "ultimate" goodness, the end all, be all, the beginning and the end. The foundation of all truth, pure, beautiful, unexplainable, feelable yet undescribable thing. LOVE. We are so consumed with love that we never stop to ask ourselves, what exactly is Love? Why do we love? Why do we want love?What do we gain from love? Is love the solution to all life's problems or just the beginning of all our problems? Love!
Hallmark and the big corporations decided to make us all want love, want to be with someone, want to find that which we lack and need in someone else. And that is why on valentine's day singles are sad, couples are blurting out I love you, because they feel it is what they have to be. Funny thing is, I feel people get hurt the most on Valentine's day, we made up a day for love.....that is 364 days worth of love is supposed to be expressed in one day.......and it is that day that is the most loveless of days IMHO.
Half the workforce skip work, you ask your friend to chill with you and they have "plans" with their they can't have sex with chocolates any other day. Love should be about caring for those around you, all 365 days of the year not just some measly day.
Am not completely angry, I just wish that along with taking all our money Hallmark would just lobby to make February 14 a holiday. Its all am asking for, I feel bad for all those children who have to carry ballons, roses, and teddybears that are twice their size on the subway at the end of the day, making their peers who are single to feel awful, to want to look ridiculous on the subway ride back home. And the workers who had just been dumped to have that day to stay home and watch movies their spoons deep in haagen daaz while their married colleagues well do whatever it is that they want to do, without making the single friends feel uncomfortable. Is that seriously too much to ask?

*to be continued*


laspapi said...

you think Feb 14 should be made a holiday?
I too, find it odd that people think the only day to profess/act in love is the 14th of February. You can be a heel for the rest of the year.
Looking forward to the completion.

ps. I come in here most days to read.

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Me too!!!!
Update Pleaseeeeee?!?!?!!?!!!!