2 Tricks and a death.

I hear that we must always celebrate life, we must always be grateful for the lives of those around us because we don't know when they'll live.

Last week monday my dad was in surgery, and my mind was running all over the place, the man has beat all odds and lived, he's played chess with death a million times and he is still here, a little routine surgery shouldn't scare me but he did. He came home alive and well, and you know same old man I've always known.

I remember when he got the scare a day to his 50th birthday, the whole bank scandal was at its peak and they needed him urgently in Nigeria, he was preparing to leave when the Dr called that he must be in the ER or he could drop dead, so we all marched ourselves to the ER where he was admitted because they found Deep Vein Trombosis in him through the CT scan that was supposed to find the catalyst behind his cough. Anyways, after the dr waved his magic wand and called my dad a medical mystery, we all went home a day later, dad on the couch laughing as usual.
Did I talk about the time that he was sick for months during the whole coup d'etat with Diya and co, we were on our way to Abuja, and half way through dad just started throwing up, all the way to Abuja, we got a dr from the hotel and they later flew him to Lagos, after weeks of hospital changes and him getting snuck into the house for late night showers, all the while giggling, I had to go back to school he went to London and came back very well. Apparently, the doctors thought he was going to die, and there I was thinking the worst that could happen to him was the drip in his hand....My dad!

He is alive and well at home now, bubbling, obviously he is not dead! I just love him more.

When I was in JSS2, at Regina Mundi Girls Secondary School with my fav cousin bukkie, I remember one closing day like that, probably my last at the school cos I remember Tinuke Agoro dragging her broomstick legs to the door as we settled for lunch, crying that we could be in Lagos enjoying meatpies. Anyways, Bukkie's mummy came late for us she was just coming from my Uncle Segun's wife's burial. My Uncle Segun, I don't know him too well or remember seeing a lot of him as a child, but I knew what he looked like, he was my Aunty Yemisi's brother and that was good enough for me! He lost his wife to Lung cancer, she left behind 3 kids, a boy and two girls. Femi was my age, Nifesi a bit younger and the little baby that I remember seeing at Aunty Yemisi's wedding.
I never officially met my Uncle Segun's offsprings till 2002, I was in Nigeria visiting, and they were at our house for the Yuletide season, it hit it off almost immediately. Nife was mum's little baby, she'd run to her and we'd get all we wanted, she replaced Bukkie's cute charms and we loved it. We played, we fought, we laughed but we never got to cry because amongst cousins sorrow is non-existence. We made promises that we would visit in 2003 and spend Christmas together again, but then in March 2003, I got a call from my mum that
Femi died.

I never got over that.

On Monday, I turned my phone off for the day by the time I checked my messages, my sister had a Vm for me, I couldn't make sense of what I heard, but I remember, dad, accident, unconscious, call mum. So I freaked and called my mum, my dad was fine my sister hadn't spoken to them. Then I panicked, who's father is unconscious. I managed to stay strong till I was about to get home and I heard the full story, my Uncle Segun was in an accident and unconscious. Just saturday he came up in our conversation about how he was so close to my grandpa and how my grandpa's death hit him really had.

I talked to God again that night, I put my Uncle Segun's life in his hand to wake him up, nice and spanking new like a baby but even better with fabulous adult features. Then I went to bed after talking to my tulelo. So why is it that my dad woke me up tuesday to tell me that my Uncle Segun died, leaving behind my two cousins?!


Calabar Gal said...

Mama Rita - This is too good to be true!! An update!!!! I'm off to read ur post now.

Calabar Gal said...

So so sorry about ur Uncle Segun. God knows best why he deicided to make ur cousin orphans at this time. The death of a loved one in any family is always not a nice things. God's promise is that the number of our days he will fulfill. We cant question his actions. May Uncle Segun's soul rest in peace. Amen.

laspapi said...

glad you finally updated. You operated the comment thing properly on my blog.
I never know what to say when its an issue of death.
God give you and yours, strength.

Mamarita said...

thank you:) thank you:)

Jaycee said...

LIFE...as a house.

Naijadude said...

Ooh sweetie I feel you.. Sorry to hear about that.. We just have to thank God for life and strength...


BOBBY said...

LIFE EHH, chai!!! This is so sad. I pray your Uncle makes it. Pray and have faith. It shall be well.

Meanwhile i need to get outta peg city this year and come visit, hopefully this time you wont do me wayo like you did when i came for caribana that year (smile).

Kisses babes!!! and dont worry and dont fret, Baba God is in control.