My friend always said where one man's freedom ends is where another man's freedom begins, and I'm starting to believe him more. So I got a summons letter in the mail sometime this week, and I went straight to bed to cry *I lost the ability to cry, so we'll stick to illusions of tears*. I was in a car accident in September, the car was a write-off, you know the whole guns and roses bit, insurance, ambulances, but thank God no one got hurt, although I still some pain in my neck but anyways......The guy that smashed into me while I was waiting patiently for the light to go green is taking the ticket that they gave him to court.
This man claimed that he was driving at 50km/h at the time of the collision, call me stupid, but at 50km/h you hit the bumper of car, maybe break a light, you don't take out the whole trunk, I still haven't figured out how to upload pictures from my phone but the trunk of the car was GONE, and it wasn't a hatchback! three out of 4 doors couldn't open, everything in the coin compartment spilled to the back seat, the guy was probably doing at least 120km/h in a 40km/h zone IN THE RAIN "negotiating a bend". Call me a bitch but that deserved him getting his license taken off for at least 10 years for starters.
He is my age, maybe a couple of months older, he didn't even come to see if I was ok, I'd understand if I was driving slowly or if I stopped abruptly but he had no fucking excuse and I am just angry, no not angry, am furious crossing over to thunderously murderous *if there's such a word*. He is obviously guilty of whatever offence they're hitting him with, I mean if there was someone in my backseat, they'd have died, I could have put in a wheel chair if someone else was speeding past in the rain, if I was crossing the road, he could have put me in a wheelchair for life or worse killed me. So that he is fighting the ticket gets to me. And its not his fault, its Canada.
They tell you that you can be free to do whatever, take a ticket to court waste tax payers dollars when you know you are obviously innocent. I wonder how good is lawyer can be to actually advise him to go to court, I will be there as a witness, although to be honest, I'm not sure I know what the man looks like and if am permitted I'll beg the judge to find a way to get the man behind bars for having the balls to try to fuck with Canada's precious gift of freedom. God cleanse my heart and help me to forgive but not when mo'fos like that idiot are still alive.

Anyways......Theo got a film credit for his work on xavier.....he worked on it sometime last year, he got to go to New York (again) and worked with Liam so happy for him....he was the "costume designer" wheeeeeeeeeee. That made his day because he's been going through a lot these last couple of days, and well it made me happy too, I almost opened a bottle of champagne but then I realized that if I finished it by myself tonight, my morning I'd be getting a lecture on being an alcoholic, from the parents....


lerieluvlie said...
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lerieluvlie said...

Yes darling, I also contemplated having a champagne breakfast, but knowing my parents would call me this morning, since they have been doing since i was rendered jobless and suicidal....i passed.

I share your despair and feeling of thunderous murderous anger. Thats the price-especially people like us, have to pay for living and enjoying a free society. someone burgles your house, you chase him and shoot him, he sues you for his injuries, you get fined and Its not like you made the conscious immoral decision to get urself burgled.

I'm so sorry darling, that you had to go through such an ordeal, I personally would need therapy for like the next five years. Gros bissous - hope its soothing at least :-)