Canada Je T’aime

So yesterday, am roaming aimlessly around the Eaton centre right, and next thing I see by the fountain is people, all three floors of the fountain area were covered with loads and loads of air breathing humans, just standing stagnant like flies around an open wound (EW). Anyways, I automatically thought it was a celebrity; quickly the analyst in me scanned the area to look around the people see similarities decide if the celebrity is worth seeing. NOTHING. So I had to do the next thing, ASK! But before I did I had to do my own research, fact, its Thursday, fact, there are a ton of people, fact they’re not facing INDIGO meaning its not a celebrity signing a book at Indigo, then somehow I caught a glimpse of the third floor, CHRISTMAS WONDER AT 6:00PM NOVEMBER 22ND 2007. Uhm…..could it be???? SANTA? Nah.
It was 6:05 and they were playing bad Christmas songs so I had to ask a store attendant….people were waiting, standing, holding on, because they wanted to watch the unveiling of the Christmas tree! Can I hiss now or later?
What can I say it doesn’t take too much to please us Canadians....

So at work there’s this total eye candy for me, like the guy is hot, he is so hot, he walks on snow and it melts, so hot if you poured ice on him it would melt, he is so hot, he boils water with a wink, I don’t care what people say but in my opinion, the guy is HOT!
Anyways from now on we’ll refer to him as “HOTNESS”. Anytime Hotness walks by my desk, I freeze, anytime he walks into a room am in, I just get so flushed and find myself being grateful for my skin color. He’s hot, he knows it and he’s not afraid of it. And that exponentially increases his Hotness!
Anyways, I have a daily routine, I turn on my pc, go get water and coffee, stop by my friend for chat while my pc loads up, well my friend sits across from him so talking to my friend is actually me getting my dose of hotness.
I would go up to talk to him except that we don’t work in the same department and he’s my superior, and we just have nothing to talk about and you know that feeling, when you like someone and you finally get to know them and what you think you like is not what you are getting from them. Like someone is soooo cute and they are extremely irritating, they think they're better than the rest of the world and worth not. Ok he's not that sort of person, he's really cool with my work budz so if he's a bitch, then we're two bitches that are right for each other.
So anyway, today, Hotness saw me as I was going to grab my coffee/water, and he smile and said HEY! Like we're old budz and I just grunted a "HELLO" and smiled back but it was so one of those moment when you take off your glasses and sing HE KNOWS ME HE ABSOLUTELY KNOWS ME. Like that was not enough, I don't know what was going on in his corner thats across the room from me, but in the afternoon I saw a man standing on his table probably fixing a floresent or God knows what, I later figured that would be the temperature, as it was getting in his way. Anyway, so there he was, across the room from me, fixing the light and am starring like totally starring! He probably knew I was checking him out, he had to have known, he finished whatever he was doing, took off his sweater and I swear I saw SMOKE! HOLY! I gasped, one of my superiors asked what was wrong, it was then I realized that I wasn't in heaven!

So if anyone knows Hotness, tell him I liked what he did during the day, and I would like to get "coffee" sometime....AH!!!


Uzo said...

Oh..Hotness sounds like fun......

Uzezi said...

hi, its been a while i came here, and i see it's always been a while u came here. Happy New Year all the same

Calabar Gal said...

Happy New Year Girl!