Got Milk?

Have you ever tried to buy milk in recent times? HOLY! I don't drink milk, scratch that, I can't stand milk, infact I don't remember purchasing milk since the time the milk men stopped delivering, you know the whole full bottles in empty bottles out and the milk was fresh and it never spoilt and you never grew tired of it.. .Just saying.
Back then, you only had two choices, small or large bottles! It was still milk, it was the white stuff and no one cared if it was loaded with cow fat, it was milk it went into corn flakes and thats all there is to know about that.
Now buying milk is so complicated, I walked into the store hoping to pop to the back, pick up milk and pop back out. Boy was I wrong. The milk was at the back of the store (typical store planning tactic, another day we'll discuss operations management), milk had its own corner of the fridge. They had 2%, half cream, full cream, partly skimmed, 1%, goatmilk, pastureized, homogenized, soy, lactose free, 2% partly skimmed lactose free amongst others. How am I supposed to know what the milk tastes like, what is "homogenized milk"? Why would anyone drink Lactose free milk, aren't you better off staring at milk from afar?
Anyways I got one of the "customer service reps" to assist me, like I cannot read, the boy started reading all the types of milks to me. I oughtaaa!!! I asked him plain and simple, sweetheart I do not buy milk, I need to know, which one is the regular milk? He tells me it depends on if I want lactose or not, and then he started listing the complications of milk to me.

Obviously I ran off! I thought it was the store and the location, all those posh executives that are hooked on their crackberrys, don't get time to buy groceries and worth not, run into the store every other day on their way home to buy milk, kid themselves that a pig or mouse produced it because it is bound to be reduced fat!
So I got to my local grocery store, and went on my quest for milk, they not only had different brands, they had them in shapes, sizes, it was like writing the GMAT without studying, you're second guessing yourself, no blue, no purple box, no pasturized, no soy, what if she's lactose intolerant???? Luckily for me I bumped into a friend and she knew what regular milk was, and that is another joke for the dinner table on a drunk afternoon. PSH!

The weekend is PACKED! I barely have time for............ but thats alright, there's always next week and the week after that and the week after that one.

You know what sucks? When two people say that they love each other so much and they know that they are not right for each other and they're too chicken to take chances because they're worrying about those around them, and they won't let go of each other or fight to stay together, and you are just in the middle of it all, and then they ask you for advise? You don't know if its right or wrong, you don't even know if you agree or disagree all you know is that if it were you, then the situation would definitely have been different and you wouldn't have to make that particular decision.

LIFE AS AN ADULT. I miss the days when the toughest decisions you had to make was share your sweet with your friend or put it all in your mouth before he/she notices, I miss those days *sob*sob*


Yellow Vespa Guy said...

yes, life is about making ADULT choices. however, adults have also learned how to deceive others and deceive themselves.

so, when adults make choices...we can only hope and in faith give them the benefit of the doubt, this is the realm of trust.

but, we know how some stories end....or begin!

Oh, by the way....i changed it to the black one! happy! and you never called me. I was left alone in the corner of dundas and spadina freezing with no home to go to.

I'll see you next wk.

laspapi said...

That analogy about love made interesting reading. I guess the human race is a procession of cowards.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

wowwwwww i havent been on ur blog in AGESSSSSSSSSs... about the milk... i usually stick to the 2% stuff... i feel you on the options though.. you forgot soy milk... soy chocolate milk... fat free soy milk.. in fact let me stop b4 i wear my brain out...
and i dont know why you dont like milk.. i was gonna say something about the fact that if you dont drink it.. you might not grow to be as tall as you're meant to be.. then i realized you are as tall as you're meant to be... how did you do it? lol

about the 'adults' and their love thing.. i have no answer bcos im in a similar thing.. its not love... but i like him.. my friends think i keep coming up with reasons to say no... none of which are valid apparently... but me i dont know jare.. its almost as though i want a sign from above... cos technically he's not supposed to be good for me... ahhhhh... choices...

Uzo said...

Oh yes...Since when did things get so so complicated? Or are we humans just simple creatures that never want to task ourselves to really think about choices?

Mamarita said...

YVG: In my defence I forgot :( And I totally agree.
Laspapi: thanks, I do agree on the coward bit although I'd like to think of it as "fear of taking chances", makes it seem better :)

ONB: Welcome back, I better be getting myself to your blog as well, I think I'm a bad example to children, I hated beans growing up but I was crazy for powdered milk, I guess the flatness of milk makes it repulsive to me.
As for your love dilemma, I really can't help you, but you have to ask yourself, if you think that he might be bad for you, why do you keep going back to him?? (just sayingggggg)

Uzo: You've asked a big question, and I will proceed to "answer it in my own way" over the next week.... :)

!!Estella!! said...

Nice one on milk mamarita! I feel u. Me, I stay off milk completely now! Since I dont even know what is in all of them! And I am not going to read their nutritional content table! Nope!

When I must drink milk, I stick to Half & Half. Because for some strange reason I dont know, it is thicker and tastes just like the PEAK MILK we used to drink in naija!

Na wah O! Very soon, we will have Chicken milk@