Things I do When Am Bored

Denise, oh denise…
With your skinny jeans and beige carry on
Why do you frown?
Why do you play loud music in your ears
Your glorious MP3
Looking away like you were being watched
Oh Denise

Separated by two train tracks
And a platform
We stare at each other
I look at you, you look behind me
But there's no one there
Oh Denise

Does my hair throw you off
Have I gotten shorter, less noticeable
Maybe it’s the grey pants and the brown jacket
That hides my preciousness
My large bossom,
I'll change soon, very soon, I'll only wear colors
Like neon green, olive orange, tourquize
Bright pink, Pink Red, Bright Yellow
Maybe then you'll see me
And I won't have to try to lead your eyes to my pretty face
Oh Denise

Why do you frown so Denise?
Its not you, the frown I mean
Smile, its only 8:52am and your train is always empty
When you have to push off hobos to get on the train,
Stay squashed between something that smells like decaying vomit
And second hand smoke stored in a basement
While something you pray is an animal plays with your behind
Just so you can get to work on time
Then you frown….
Oh Denise :)


Uzo said...


Denise said...

oh, wow! i'm speechless! but confused. what the--?!

Lerieluvlie said...

mama....anything can get published these days!

Afolabi said...

hi mamarita..ta lon je denise?? (I hope this does not sound more like; who's eating denise?)..

Afolabi said...

You have been tagged, visit my blog for more information.